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The Services of Investigation are as follows :

Private Investigation & Surveillance

To watch an individual's activities as per the request of the client and often work irregular hours because of the need to the client. To watch an individual's activities as per the request of the client.

Official, Personal, Civil, and Criminal

To watch the parties and have access to personal information needed to perform their actions.

Asset Verification

To watch with Professional inventory services for homes and small businesses and to make sure you complete the correct Asset. To find out the property owned by an individual or company to enable financial institutions, Private Companies at the time of litigation to recover dues and for judicial cases.

Pre / Post Matrimonial Enquiry

To watch Divorce, Employment Verifications, Litigation. A discreet investigation before marriage takes place for an arranged marriage to verify the merits and demerits of an individual.

A thorough investigation with proof on either of the partners as and when one suspects of infidelity, especially about adultery in the wedded life.

Pre / Post Employment Screening

To investigate discreetly the candidates of all categories who are to be considered for employment. Based on the report the client will decide whether to select the candidate or dispose. To investigate discreetly about the past and present employment of a candidate who could have been terminated due to several individual or administrative reasons and to locate a dispute with labour court.

Industrial Thefts / Frauds

To deploy our operations in the clients organization in different posts to locate the accurate reason for all anti-management activities, thefts and Pilferages.
Infringement of Trade Marks General survey in the market to find out the availability of duplicate material in the market, its source of production and distribution in the existing market.

Market Survey

Shadowing, Chasing, Tracing - Missing, Eloping, Kidnapping If suspected by the clients de-bugging of premises, office cabins and telephones can be arranged.

Narcotic Control

Police, Insurance, Private & Govt. Machinery, Global Network, White collar & Zero crimes, Asset verification & Money recovery